Author: michael

  • Time = Time

    If you need me to tell you that time = money In order for you to value time Then you don’t value time You value money Time = Time And it’s all you have

  • The Problem is….

    Not fully understanding the problem is the Problem. The Solution lies in a fluent understanding of the Problem.

  • Humans are Abstract Expressionists

    Humans are abstract expressionists. Everything we say is a representative for something deeper, something true. But it’s never the thing itself. In fact, the representation is miles away from what it represents. In order to get to the real thing, one has to excavate. One has to remove all the dirt that is modern day […]

  • What’s In Your Nature?

    An Apple Tree grows apples We humans say this is a “good” thing Because we like the apples They’re sweet, provide nutrition, and look nice.  But the apple tree doesn’t care about these things.  It grows apples simply because it’s within its nature to do so.  Same with a poisonous bush.  We humans will call […]

  • Meditating 24 Hours a Day

    If I meditate 10 minutes a day, what’s happening during the other 23hr 50m? Whatever not-meditating is. I meditated for 6 years, from 2014-2020. After stopping, I had no alibi. No 10-minute-morning-session to point. Nothing to say “See, I’m doing something.” I think that after one month of 10 minute morning meditation, a person get’s […]