Category: Examinations

  • Why does the mind lure me in so well?

    I’m still finding pleasure in what the mine provides me. I fall for it every time. Why do I still get lured in? I believe what it tells me. Why? Because I still am ignorant of the truth. Why am I still ignorant of the truth? Because I’m blinded by lies. So I guess the […]

  • There’s so little time

    Time is screwy. Hours can feel like minutes, seconds can feel like hours, days can feel like months, years can feel like minutes. This is how it slips by us so quickly, and life can feel short. One must monitor their minutes like a watchdog. Like a prison guard watching an unshackled murderer. I’ve tried […]

  • Why am I writing this?

    I want a life of freedom. A life that is the full expression of who I am.  If I’m not constantly shining the spotlight on what is true for me, the shoulds, beliefs, and expectations of society will pull me off my path. I must be like a traveler, constantly referring to their map and […]