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  • Where Failure Begins

    How do you assess failure? The outcome is unreliable. What is reliable? The source of the action. Failure (if it exists at all) begins the moment one acts from a place that is not genuine From where you act, is much more significant than the act itself. A person acting from a sincere place will […]

  • Most Lives Are a Series of Apologies

    Most lives are a series of apologies They are a string of compensations a person provides themself For not living one’s true life Think about when a man apologizes to his lover He comes with gifts like flowers or chocolates Is this not what you do with yourself? Are you not constantly showing up at […]

  • What was the Buddha?

    Was the Buddha spiritual? Was the Buddha a Buddhist? No, he wasn’t. The Buddha was awake. Which means there was no need opinions, beliefs, or stances like spirituality or Buddhism.

  • From Where Do You Act?

    From where do you act? Is it from a place of should? Is it operating under the rules of right and wrong? Is it because a thought leader suggested that it would be good for you? Have you become a surrogate from which society acts through? Are you a mouthpiece for someone else? A mere […]

  • Notice The Mind

    Notice the mind Notice how it mesmerizes you Grips you Lures you into devotedly believing its stories Once it has you, it will walk you through an endless amount of scenes: What you will say to the grocery clerk as she scans your groceries Outlining the joke you will tell at the meeting this Tuesday […]