Humans are Abstract Expressionists

Humans are abstract expressionists.

Everything we say is a representative for something deeper, something true.

But it’s never the thing itself.

In fact, the representation is miles away from what it represents.

In order to get to the real thing, one has to excavate.

One has to remove all the dirt that is modern day language

If you had the vocabulary of a 10-year-old, you’d be better off

Because all you would have is the fundamental building blocks to use for expression.

But at a certain point we begin learning abstract words

Words that encapsulate an entire universe within them

If you were to stop someone after one of these words and asked them to define it

They would have trouble

Not because they’re ignorant

It’s because never in the hundreds of times of using the word

Did they ever stop to think about what it meant.

And one who doesn’t know the meaning of their words

Lack clarity

And lack of clarity

Results in suffering

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