Most Are Not On A Journey

Most people are not on a journey

Their journey ended the moment they accepted what society had given them 

Ideas, beliefs, frameworks, theories, shoulds

A person sets up camp at a “belief”

And stops exploring

A person gets shackled by a “should”

And the adventure ends

There is no journey for the person who accepts these things

There is only a stationary existence

Their belief/theory/opinion

Becomes their station in life 

This is why the phrase “It’s about the journey not the destination” is meaningless

Because most people aren’t on a journey

And they don’t have a destination

They are stuck in a vestibule

That their mind accepted from someone else’s mind. 

They might argue “But I am on a journey”

And cite that because of all the ups and downs

They must be on an adventure, right?

But what they’re experiencing is not an adventure

But simply the ups and downs of the mind

The person who doesn’t accept anything

Until they see it with their own eyes

Is the true Journier 

The one that knows adventure, and the freedom and equanimity

That comes with knowing

That you are on The Path

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