Most Lives Are a Series of Apologies

Most lives are a series of apologies

They are a string of compensations a person provides themself

For not living one’s true life

Think about when a man apologizes to his lover

He comes with gifts like flowers or chocolates

Is this not what you do with yourself?

Are you not constantly showing up at your own door with a present to make up for something?

The vacations, socializing, social media, weekend getaways, food, alcohol.

You tell yourself you deserve it.

What you deserve is a life free from the need of these things

What are you vacationing from? What are you weekend getawaying from?

There’s a world in that question.

For the one truly living

There would be no need for vacations, rewards, recognition, “shout outs”, or a day of splurging

Their life would be a free flowing expression

A human being operating at full song

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