Notice The Mind

Notice the mind

Notice how it mesmerizes you

Grips you

Lures you into devotedly believing its stories

Once it has you, it will walk you through an endless amount of scenes:

What you will say to the grocery clerk as she scans your groceries

Outlining the joke you will tell at the meeting this Tuesday

Rehearsing the conversation you need to have with your partner

Replaying the argument you had so you could provide better responses

Preparing for the arguments that seldom occur

Showcasing your knowledge to the group of people at dinner

Putting you in the singer’s shoes as you listen to your favorite music

Convincing you that you’re being taken advantage of by your friends

Making you believe you’re being intensively watching by everyone as you walk across the street

What I just mentioned accounts for 1% of what the mind will put you through

That is, if you don’t watch it

So notice these things that the mind does

Because noticing, is all you can do.

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