There’s so little time

Time is screwy. Hours can feel like minutes, seconds can feel like hours, days can feel like months, years can feel like minutes.

This is how it slips by us so quickly, and life can feel short.

One must monitor their minutes like a watchdog. Like a prison guard watching an unshackled murderer.

I’ve tried so many things to defend my time. Block apps, log every minute, calendar blocks, pomodoro timer.

Why haven’t they worked? I don’t think “do it harder” is the solution.

There is something I am not seeing.

Maybe it’s the mind convincing me I have time.

Regardless, I need to make protection of my time systematic.


First identifying where I spend all my time:

Grocery shopping, cooking and preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning the apartment, searching for clothes online, daydreaming, emoting scenes, thinking about food, checking for emails, checking/scrolling Instagram, checking/scrolling Tiktok, checking/scrolling masturbating and all the fantasized that leads up to the masturbating, laundry, taking out garbage, showering, getting dressed, stretching, getting organized.

My life gets consumed up by domestic chores and social media. Let me address these first. The grocery shopping definitely takes a long time.

I can shop at New Seasons which, although it’s more expensive than Safeway, it’s closer. I’ll try this at least for a month.

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