Where Failure Begins

How do you assess failure?

The outcome is unreliable.

What is reliable?

The source of the action.

Failure (if it exists at all) begins the moment one acts from a place that is not genuine

From where you act, is much more significant than the act itself.

A person acting from a sincere place will eventually get where they wish to go.

A person acting from an insincere place will stray away from where they wish to go.

How can it be any other way?

If your truest desire is to be in France, but you begin walking toward the direction of Antartica, will you get to Paris?

Why did you being walking toward Antartica?

Maybe the people around you started applauding you for doing so.

Maybe you were told it was a good thing that you should do.

Maybe you were just trying to prove to everyone that you could.

Or quiet the mind that kept telling you “You couldn’t make it to Antartica even if you wanted”

Or relive the anxiety that maybe

Or to simply do something that’s “harder and takes discipline”

Who knows.

All that matters is this:

Where do you sincerely want to be and why aren’t you already there yet?

The question in steeped in the truth that a human will naturally gravitate toward that which they want.

Since we naturally gravitate toward want we want, it’s a matter of remove what is stopping you or causing you to head in the wrong direction.

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